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Helping Hands:  The League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), The Commission for Farm Workers' Rights, La Purica Meat Market and Cabo Restaurant joined their efforts to help the families of the Pictsweet workers.

The distribution of turkeys and $25 gift certificates, for the farm workers of the Pictsweet Mushroom Farms, was the result of a food drive that was organized by various community organizations.  The distribution was held at Cafe on "A," located in downtown Oxnard.

A large majority of the workers from Pictsweet, and their families, have been drastically affected by the troubling situation.  Many of them have experienced a cut in the number of hours they work, and a pay cut, due to the national boycott that is still going on, against mushroom and frozen vegetables that Pictsweet grows and processes, according to a union representative.

From the time when the incidents that resulted in the boycott first started, members of the community, including City of Oxnard and Ventura County elected officials, have demonstrated their support for the workers and their families.

Members of the Commission for Farm Workers' Rights, the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC), La Purica Meat Market, and Cabo Restaurant joined their efforts to help sponsor the families of the Pictsweet workers.  They raised over $3,400 to help over 110 families with their Thanksgiving dinner.

"We want to help the Pictsweet farm workers who have suffered pay and work cuts.  We want them to be able to celebrate the holidays with their families.  The community's support is greatly appreciated," said Denis O'Leary with LULAC, to VIDA newspaper.

"One hundred percent of the donated Thanksgiving funds will directly benefit the local Pictsweet Mushroom farm workers and their families.  We hope they have a happy Thanksgiving," said Jess Ramirez, Oxnard's Harbor Commissioner.

Following the distribution of the $25 gift certificates, redeemable at La Purica Meat Market, a brief reception was held, during which the farm workers, their families and everyone present were able to enjoy a variety of Mexican bread and desserts, soft drinks and coffee.  Also, the young singers from the Inlakech Cultural Arts Center, provided musical entertainment. Six-year-old Saul Barajas, Jr., the son of one of the Pictsweet farm workers, also sang Mexican songs.

"we are grateful to all the people that worked together to help us in our present situation.  Economically, we have been greatly affected by all that has been going on.  We hope that everything resolved soon so that we may return to work and provide our families all that they need," said Esteban Arambula, a Pictsweet worker, to VIDA Newspaper.

"we will be having another food and toy drive before Christmas.  We want to make sure the workers and their families have enough food during the Holidays and that the children can get some toys.  We ask the community to sponsor a family if they can," said Steve Cruz, member of The Commission.

Anyone interested in making a $25 donation to help sponsor a family for the upcoming Christmas food and toy drive, should send their tax-deductible check to:

LULAC 3026 / Pictsweet Fund
P.O. Box 2445
Oxnard, CA 93034