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January 10, 2002

Dear Friends:

We are happy to inform you that your generous contributions helped us reach our goal of sponsoring over 140 families from Pictsweet Mushroom. The funds were used to purchase and distribute grocery vouchers. The vouchers were then redeemed at Carniceria La Purica in Oxnard. In addition to the grocery vouchers, over 320 children received a toy for the holiday -- thanks to the co-sponsorship of the Oxnard School District.

This humanitarian effort was successful due to you and others who stepped in to help out the less fortunate at such a special time of the year. The Pictsweet Mushroom families thank you, especially the children.

The Commission would once again like to give special thanks to the following businesses and organizations for their contributions in making this event a success; Café on A, Carniceria La Purica, Oxnard School District, Radio Lazer, Garcia Mortuary, I.B.E.W. Local 952, Labor 585, Cement Masons Local 600, and our friends at the local community colleges.

Please check out our website at for further information regarding our organization and upcoming events.

Dates to remember:
Jan. 21
Martin Luther King, Jr. rally at Oxnard Plaza Park at 8:00 a.m.

Jan. 26 Rededication Comedy Night at Café on “A”
438 “A” Street Oxnard 6:30 pm - $10.00

Apr. 28 Cesar E. Chavez march in Oxnard

We thank you for generosity and your spirit of giving.


Saul Medina, Chair